Japanese Twitter User Shows Amazing Makeup Transformation

Now here’s another example of the power of makeup but this time it’s featuring a young male Twitter user from Japan who goes under the handle of @y_cute_ He’s well known to his Twitter fans as being a pretty boy and recently posted a pic of himself with zero makeup which he was applauded for. 10000フォローありがとうございます!💕 約束通りすっぴん晒します!!全部僕です これからはキャスとかyoutubeでメイクしてるとこ見せて整形じゃないこと証明したいと思います(;o;) てことでみんなこれからもよろしくお願いしましゅ💕 pic.twitter.com/mIF1YEhJjE — よきき (@y_cute_) December 1, 2016 He … Continue reading Japanese Twitter User Shows Amazing Makeup Transformation

Kuroko’s Basketball Returns To The 3DS

The Jump Twitter feed has exciting news for fans of the popular basketball anime, Kuroko’s Basketball. There’s a new game coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Jump announced the title of Kuroko’s Basketball: Ties to the Future but there was no mention of release date or pricing in the Twitter post. The  game will feature the ability to move your character around the various scenes and being able to … Continue reading Kuroko’s Basketball Returns To The 3DS

What was the most Tweeted anime for Summer 2013?

NEC BIGLOBE’s “Anime Engine (β) is a Japanese communications provider who released the results of their survey into determining which subjects were trending on Twitter. The period in question was covering the 1st of July til the 30th of September and refers to the number of tweets per minute on a given topic. The subject receiving the most tweets was the hugely popular swimming anime, … Continue reading What was the most Tweeted anime for Summer 2013?

Okami plans for Japan only

There were rumours flying around last week that popular fan favourite game, Okami, would be receiving a sequel or that something along those lines was in the works. The official Okami Twitter feed recently posted that it will definitely not be a sequel, however the official statement from Capcom is expected sometime this week. Christian Svensson, the Capcom Corporate Officer and Senior Vice President, responded to … Continue reading Okami plans for Japan only

Sneak Peek At Raiden From The MGS Demo

Hideo Kojima, Twitter addict and creator of Metal Gear Solid, has been at it again and tweeted a quick shot of character Raiden from the series as he will be seen in the exclusive demo for Tokyo Game Show. Looking good and very polished, don’t forget Japandaman will be bringing you impressions from the show floor and all the games we can handle! Continue reading Sneak Peek At Raiden From The MGS Demo

Japandaman’s blog moves home

So my net buddy, Jack the budding entrepreneur from SocialSpore.com has given me some space on his server for my blog. The idea being that, hopefully soon, I’ll have my own sub domain, for example, japandaman.socialspore.com. that’d be nice but with any luck and hard work, it won’t be too far away!! Anyways, I’ve also noticed that since the import, some pics look blocky but … Continue reading Japandaman’s blog moves home