Playstation Experience 2016 Day One

The Playstation Experience 2016 was held this morning, Melbourne time, and considering it was just the first day, there were announcements and videos galore that left me salivating and wanting to see more. I’ve included the clips below for the games that I’m keen to see and right at the bottom I’ve left a link to see more of the other clips and some Playstation … Continue reading Playstation Experience 2016 Day One

Harrison Ford Makes Dengeki Cover

I previously blogged about Hollywood superstar, Harrison Ford, filming some commercials in Japan to promote Uncharted Golden Abyss on the PS Vita, well now it’s gone one step further and he’s made the cover of Dengeki Playstation, a Japanese publication. At this time, there isn’t a Dengeki Vita magazine but this is just a special edition brought out to coincide with the Vita’s launch in … Continue reading Harrison Ford Makes Dengeki Cover

Uncharted Controller For PS3

First we had the Urban Camouflage controller for the PS3 now Sony pulls back the covers on the exclusive DualShock Uncharted 3 controller. ¥9,980 will get you both the game and awesome controller seen below or the stand alone game will set you back ¥5,980. Either way, you’re in for a treat! Of course, goes without saying, only for Japan so start hitting up your … Continue reading Uncharted Controller For PS3

MGS Remastered and Uncharted beta

All this time I’ve been thinking it’s just Peacewalker receiving the HD treatment as it migrates from PSP to PS3…I had no idea that three titles were being packaged and sold as one like they’re doing with God of War!! Three titles, MGS2: Sons of Liberty, MGS3: Snake Eater and Peacewalker all in one package…and releasing in November and in HD??  Marvellous!! Oh and the … Continue reading MGS Remastered and Uncharted beta