Video Diary – Vending Machines In Japan

One thing that Japan has loads of are vending machines, primarily selling drinks but they also sell an assortment of different items as well. There are reported to be one vending machine per twenty people so they’re literally everywhere. One thing that fascinated me before I went to Japan for the first time was watching videos on YouTube of people using and videoing their experiences … Continue reading Video Diary – Vending Machines In Japan

Attack on Titan paper figures vending machines

In Japan there is a vending machine for quite literally everything. From hot/cold drinks, ramen, t-shirts and yes, ladies underwear as well. Now you can add some new anime goods to the mix. Attack on Titan which was does huge business in Japan has now had paper figures made of the popular characters from the series to be sold in vending machines. The paper figures … Continue reading Attack on Titan paper figures vending machines

Dragon Ball Drinks Return To Japan

March 30th heralds the release of the film, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods in Japan, so to mark the occasion, themed cans of soft drinks will be making a return to Japanese vending machines. The drinks, Dragon Ball Cola Zero and Cider, will contain six different designs when they load up in vending machines on February 25. The cans of Dragon Ball Cola Zero will pay their respects … Continue reading Dragon Ball Drinks Return To Japan

Japan Spotlight – Vending Machines

Vending machines. Often seen in movies, animes, manga and even snapshots online. You know they’re all over Japan but nothing can quite prepare you for just how deep their penetration is and how literally on a city block, you can see more vending machines selling more than just drinks. The drinks themselves are varied and seasonal meaning that depending on what time of the year … Continue reading Japan Spotlight – Vending Machines