Pokemon 20th Anniversary

February 27th 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Pokemon in Japan and what a momentous couple of decades it’s been! Most gamers across the globe have played Pokemon in some form or another and it’s a series that has spawned it’s fair share of rabid fanboys/girls. It’s also the inspiration behind some amazingly complex and kawaii cosplays! From Pokemon specific conventions, fan meetups, countless hours … Continue reading Pokemon 20th Anniversary

Japanese Art For Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii was an astounding JRPG full of action, amazing scenes, stunning music and heart pounding action. It’s all these reasons plus more that make it highly coveted and expensive to pick up these days. So it’s with bated breath that many a fan is eagerly anticipating the release of Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U. Recently the artwork for the … Continue reading Japanese Art For Xenoblade Chronicles X

Wii production officially stops

The day that we all knew was coming has finally arrived. Wii production in Japan ceased operations today as confirmed by the Nintendo Japan page. There was a simple message, “Manufacturing has ended.” That puts the grand number of total Wii’s sold thus far at 100.4 million consoles across the globe.   Farewell Wii, you came into our lives when motion control in home gaming barely … Continue reading Wii production officially stops

Wii Channel Services Begin To Shutdown

Nintendo has recently announced their intention to begin shutting down some of their channel services on the Wii console. In total, 5 channels will be receiving the cut, those channels being the News Channel, the Mii Contest Channel, the Nintendo Channel, the Everybody Votes Channel and the Forecast Channel will all be saying bye bye on June 28. In addition, gamers will no longer be able to use the Wii … Continue reading Wii Channel Services Begin To Shutdown