The Japandaman Staff

This site was started off as a project by one man but one man alone cannot accomplish the greatness seen in these pages. Nay, he stands side by side with the courageous few who call themselves Comrades, people with a like minded vision.

The Staff, if you will who help me, Japandaman or Cristian, put this site together with content, expressive photographs and awesome artwork that all pull together that keeps you, the reader,coming back for more 🙂

Cristian ‘Japandaman’ Espinoza – Founder, Administrator/Webmaster

Carol – Sometimes called Princess Laucha on occasion – Business Manager

Stephanie – Senior Art Editor, responsible for bringing Arisu, Kendo and DJ Semtex to life…big round of applause!

Farrah – our newest team member who’s handling anime reviews, first impressions and anything related to anime!

A massive thank you to these peeps who help out here and there and all contribute greatness to Japandaman…arigatou gozaimasu!