Tokyo – Japandaman’s Otaku Guide to Japan

I’m going to bundle all the otaku sights for Tokyo on one page instead of breaking it down into wards and prefectures.

  • Nakano Broadway – This is a very special place to check out as there’s loads to see and many different stores. Think of it as an otaku department store with stores that deal in anime and manga collectibles. Like a lot of places in Japan, it has multi-levels and will keep you busy for a while. You can get there but getting off at Nakano train station which is accessible via the Chuo line from nearby Shinjuku station.
  • Ikebukuro Otome Road – Akihabara is amazing for otaku stuff, more so if you’re male but if you happen to be a female, Ikebukuro has you covered as well. The shops in Otome Road are all aimed at the ladies with a large range of yaoi, BL and fujoshi. Otome Road is also known as “Maiden Road.”
  • Gundam Front Tokyo – Not like the Gundam Cafe in Akiba but an actual Gundam museum dedicated to all things Gundam! Also home to the massive 1:1 scale Gundam statue out the front!
  • Toei Animation Gallery – Toei Studios, home to Precure, Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon have a stunning gallery which fans of any of those anime and more need to check out!
  • Studio Ghibli Museum – Just the name alone conjures up films with stunning visuals, unforgettable characters and immersive storylines. Studio Ghibli. The museum is a dedication to the “Disney of the East” and you’ll get to meet Totoro, the catbus, Jiji and heaps more there!
  • Mirai Store – This is the store of Danny Choo, a man who is very passionate about Japan and is also home to the Smartdoll! Mirai, Kizuna, Chitose, Ebony, Harmony, Eiji, Crimson and more! Go for the dolls and stay for the amazing display of Smartdolls where you can watch the staff put the dolls together. After watching that, you’ll want to buy your own with loads of clothes!
  • Pokemon Centre Tokyo – These centres are literally littered all across Japan with the most amazing Pokemon merchandise you’ll ever see. From plushies to keyrings, books, caps, mugs, massive plushies that you’ll want to buy but get back home how? The centres tend to have one Pikachu plushie wearing something that is unique to that store which the other stores don’t sell. It’s worth hunting down all the stores because you know…you gotta catch ’em all. *sorry* #notsorry
  • J-World Tokyo – An amusement theme park, indoors, dedicated to all that is Shonen Jump, one of the best selling manga magazines in Japan. There are attractions featuring Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and more. Plus like all the really cool stuff, there’s a cool merchandise store as well.
  • Asagaya Anime Street – This is a fairly new attraction located underneath the Tokyo Asagaya train station. It’s purpose is to connect anime fans with the content creators by providing plenty of store selling anime goods, cosplay merchandise, anime screening cafes for members and heaps more!
  • Tokyo Character Street – Another underground street, this one under Tokyo station, featuring different character goods stores. Pretty Cure, Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Ultraman plus more! The area is known for regularly hosting themed events so when you visit, you may get lucky and see something unique.
  • Tokyo Skytree – A fairly new addition to the Tokyo skyline down by the Sumida River in Sumida-Ku, the Skytree was completed in 2011 and serves to deliver television and radio broadcasts to the Kanto region. The Tower has a few observation decks which give a fantastic view of Tokyo especially if you get there right before sunset. The real treasure lies in the many shopping arcades contained within with delicious food stores and otaku goodness. Everything from Hello Kitty, Pocky, Doraemon plus loads more can be found in the many dedicated stores. If it isn’t on your radar, you need to add it as it’s quite stunning and a tourist attraction in its own right.
  • Kirby Cafe – The Kirby Cafe has recently opened in the ground floor of the Skytree and promises to deliver a unique experience for fans of Nintendo, Kirby or just a fun time. The cafe opened in August 2016 and is already very popular with visitors. On top of the amazing food, there are also many Kirby souvenirs you can pick up to bring back home.