The TGS 2010 post!!

The TGS 2010 post!!

>You asked for it and waited patiently (thank you for that) so here in this post, you’ll find Japandaman’s impressions, pics and videos of the recent Tokyo Game Show 2010 🙂

The Kahim Makuhari station where the Makuhari Messe hall is, where TGS was staged. This station was about a 20 minute ride from Tokyo station and that was on the express line or else you’d be up for a leisurely 35 min ride, as I found out with Laucha, on the way back.

Straight away we knew we were in for a different experience…this was taken at the train station when we had just gotten there and it was run by Capcom. How often do you see a game company running anything at your train station???


A row of banners advertising the gaming goodness that waited inside 🙂


Hmm…Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood…looking good, the recent mutiplayer beta on PSN was pretty impressive as well.

Wide shot of the Makuhari Meese Hall in easily 30+ degrees weather…the Laucha and I were sweating profusely needless to say by this point.

The shrine that is the Tokyo Game Show 2010
Gamania had a cool booth inside which I think I got pics of but their freebie bag was pretty big as well. I don’t know how I managed to fit it into my suitcase.
Not sure which booth this was but I remember thinking the graphics were very colourful and vivid!
Xbox 360 demonstrating what will likely be a Japan only game…it did look pretty crazy and will likely induce an epileptic fit just by looking at the case the game comes in…the screen action was very hectic!!
A personal fave of mine…Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for the Sony PSP…actors dressed as Felynes? Nice touch, Capcom 🙂

A Felyne with its handler 😉

Sora from the Kingdom Hearts Universe

Back in the days when Square was still called Squaresoft.

Some upcoming games…can’t wait for KH: Re-coded…looked great! And The 3rd Birthday following on in the Parasite Eve series is eagerly awaited…who doesn’t love Parasite Eve?? The 3rd Birthday will be a PSP exclusive, trailer below.


Konami booth but no Solid Snake 🙁 Sega in the background, got a great booklet from Sega with a dvd which I still have to view.

Another colourful booth who’s name eludes me…

Taking a break from all the excitement. Laucha and I decided to grab some lunch followed by a new experience…ice cream from a vending machine. We can personally vouch for the strawberry one and the chocolate swirl…delicious!!

A few may notive that the TGS looks empty, that’s because we went on one of the press days meaning it’s closed to the public. There were still people there but not as many as the public days which my pics below will attest to.

This was there on the first of the two, open to public days…people were clamouring to take pics so of course I joined the masses and started snapping 🙂

Further up, leading to the hall, was this mascot from an IT supplier shop that had a temporary booth nearby. Big suit, in 34 degree heat? Yeah, I’d be smiling too…

The very long walk from the station to the Makuhari Messe Hall with no shade in the sun was painful but at least there was pretty scenery 🙂



This is what I meant by the huge crowds on the public days…the queue in the background…imagine that times 5 times as long!!

More queues and I honestly didn’t have the strength to wait, by myself, in the heat for God knows how long to get it. I’m not too fussed though, it’s not like I won’t be going to another TGS in the future and the next will one hopefully have some sweet 3DS games 🙂

Farewell Makuhari Messe for this year and thus began the long trek back to Kahim Makuhari station. I think I may have more pics from my camera as these are all from my iPhone. Will double check and make a new post after this one soon also with videos especially the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 footage *drool*


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