Ghost in the shell goodness!!

Ghost in the shell goodness!!

Just another, of the many hundred reasons, why I want to live in Japan either permanently or for a couple of years, earthquakes be damned!! Popular Japanese blogger, Danny Choo, has posted an awesome feature on the release of Ghost In The Shell: Solid State Society in Japanese theatres in 3D! The trailer below looks absolutely awesome but the best part is the Parco in Shibuya has an entire store dedicated to Ghost In The Shell paraphernalia…loads of goodies, artwork and merchandise for anime lovers and otakus everywhere! Unfortunately the store is temporary and will only be there until May 8th *tear* Yet another reason to be there right now!!! 🙂

Ghost in the Shell Kinect

And lastly a trailer of the original 1995 classic that spawned all this goodness, Ghost In The Shell!

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