3DS eShop delayed :(

I was really really really looking forward to the Nintendo 3DS update, you know, the one that would have included the web browsing capability and more importantly, the eShop as I wanted to get my mitts on some classics that I should have played years ago but never did. And thanks to the 3DS I was finally going to get that opportunity…dismay central however as the update, which was due to hit the interwebs sometime in May, has now been confirmed as June 6 🙁 I’ve literally been counting the days til we reached May and now that it’s here…it was all for naught 🙁 For the handful of you out there who don’t know what an eShop is *clears throat and posts from IGN*, “The shopping interface is officially known as the “Nintendo eShop.” Similar to the current Wii Shopping Channel and DSi Shopping Channel, you’ll access this to make downloadable game purchases. As previously detailed, the shop will also offer demos and video downloads.”

One cool aspect that has been shown are the 3DS prepaid cards much like we have now for the Wii and the PSN (yes, the same one that has been offline for 22 days and counting).

At the moment these cards seem to be relegated to the US but no doubt these will show up on our shores after the eShop launch 🙂

So pencil that date in…June 6!!

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