E3 Prologue

The mecca that is E3 or the Electronics Entertainment Expo, for the uninitiated, descends upon Los Angeles next week and with it, a whole bevvy of news and exciting announcements. What am I expecting to hear? I’m so glad you asked!

Well for a start, Nintendo will no doubt be showing off the Wii successor, Nintendo Stream or Project Cafe as is the working title. Supposedly more powerful than a PS3, this will mark Nintendo’s first foray into the HD arena whereas in the past they seemed to be mainly focused on entertainment fot the casual gamer without really catering for the hardcore. Not to say that their games are shite, far from it, but at the same time they’ve left the true hardcore in the lurch. I’m hoping Project Cafe will change all that with it’s powerful new hardware specs and the rumoured controller that will also have a screen built into it as well as the ability to stream content from the console to the controller. How this will be utilised will hopefully be shown at E3.

Now while the 3DS is enjoying moderate success, it hasn’t been the true runaway that Nintendo had hoped for as seen with the Gameboy and the DS. Obviously the mediocre launch titles would have had a lot to do with that. But with better AAA titles such as Pilotwings Resort and more recently, Dead or Alive: Dimensions being released and Zelda, Resident Evil: Mercenaries on the horizon, hopefully the tide will turn for the 3DS as it really is a unique device that will hopefully bring more gamers to it. Maybe a snippet or two of Metal Gear Solid, Mario Kart and the latest Mario title wouldn’t go astray either!

Microsoft I couldn’t care less about or maybe I could…either way, skip them and move onto the PS3.

I really hope there’s more announcements regarding the collection of PSP games that are receiving the HD treatment and then being re-released onto the PS3. We know that Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is the first game to receive the conversion, fingers crossed it receives a translation and comes to both PSP and the PS3 in Australia.

Grand Theft Auto V is long overdue so fingers crossed we’ll see Niko Belic make a comeback or hell, any announcement regarding the GTA universe is more than welcome. After smashing through God of War III, we can only hope that God of War IV makes an appearance or at the very least confirmation that it is coming. Another game that’s screaming for a remake with improved graphics and HD visuals is Final Fantasy VII, we’ve been hearing rumours for a few years now that this game was going to be remade…E3 2011 seems the ideal time to make such a dream a reality 🙂 Probably we can expect to hear a lot more about Move for PS3 which to be honest doesn’t interest me on the slightest probably for the same reason that Kinect doesn’t do it for on 360…I can’t be stuffed moving furniture out of the way to play games…it is a couch sport after all! No doubt there’ll also be a public apology for the recent PSN debacle but actions speak louder than words so we’ll see when the Store will be back up and running. And of course the big elephant in the room, the NGP or Next Generation Portable or PSP2 or whatever you want to call it. I’ll be expecting final spec and price, if not for US and Australia, for Japan at least along with a whole bunch of demos and launch titles showcased as well as the all important release date.

Well I think I’ve rambled on for long enough so I’ll leave it at that for now…E3 is still one week away and I’ll be watching the Nintendo conference live…I don’t think I’ll make the Sony one though. Either way, we’ll see what happens!! 🙂

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By Japandaman

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