Surprise limited edition!

Surprise limited edition!

Thank you to the kind people at the Classification Operations Branch for pulling Dead or Alive: Dimensions from store shelves for the following reason, and yes I’m quoting:

When Nintendo Australia agreed to distribute the Dead or Alive: Dimensions game in Australia, it had already been submitted for classification by another video game company. It was classified PG (Parental Guidance) by the Classification Operations Branch. Nintendo Australia did not submit the classification.

The original application did not provide adequate information regarding the contents of the game.

Nintendo Australia is currently working with the Classification Operations Branch on this.

I was lucky enough to obtain this title on day one and therefore now have a limited edition of this title as no doubt the game will be re-released with an amended rating. Apparently the issue is all due to a couple of things, first off is the photo mode where you can pose the fighters and then literally position the virtual camera anywhere you like. Now the other issue is that three of the female fighters have their ages listed as N/A which means that they could theoretically be underage. Is anyone else starting to see the issue here? They, the Board, believe that upskirt shots of the fighters could be deemed as “child pornography”? And I use the term lightly because the fighters are animated after all and not based on anyone living. But I guess they have to justify their pay packets to kick up a stink over this one. I, for one, didn’t even know that this was possible…I wonder if I was alone on this one? Hmm…my now limited edition is below 🙂


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