Hello Kitty Crystals anyone?

The house of crystals, that is Swarovski, has announced a collaboration with Hello Kitty to produce the House of Hello Kitty. The event was recently unveiled in Omotesando Hills in Tokyo where the Hello Kitty collection was on display. There were no less than 5 booths filled with the House of Kitty collection including the piece seen above which has a staggering 19, 636 crystals applied by hand. This particular piece is strictly limited to 88 pieces globally and can be yours for the measly sum of $US14, 800…pocket change, really? The collection was also accessible by users interacting with a hologram 3D display where the person could change what they were looking at by waving their hand, this also enabled them to zoom in and out for a closer look, that’s nifty 🙂

The exhibition also had a popular UFO catcher machine where lucky players could win a Swarovski necklace decorated with a Hello Kitty figure with the money generated being donated to help people still struggling with their efforts in rebuilding their lives after the tsunami 🙁 Later on this year around August, the collection will also be made available via Swarovski’s many retail stores.

PS. There is a store in Melbourne close to the corner of Elizabeth and Collins St. I might swing past during August and see if they’re in the window and grab some pics 🙂

Credit: Akihabara News for the use of the pic 🙂

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