K-Pop is Australia bound!

Sick and tired of complaining we Otakus get nothing here in Australia and the rest of the world has TGS, E3, Comic-Con and all the other cool stuff under the sun? No? Just me then 🙁 Well come the end of the year, specifically November 12th, and Sydney will be inundated with the wonder of the Asian music world that is K-Pop with a massive first of its kind concert performance! There will be no less than 10 K-Pop artists and groups that have each won acclaim for their catchy tunes, infectious beats and adoring fans. You might be wondering which groups will be gracing our shores, check the list below!

BEAST, SHINee, 4Minute, Secret, CNBLUE, miss A, Girls Generation, DBSK, KARA and 2AM will be in attendance and you can bet that I’ll be shifting heaven and earth to try and get to this…this will be truly a once in a lifetime experience to witness this spectacle, for all we know it’ll never be repeated 🙁 All we can hope for now is a similar J-Pop concert with Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru, Koda Kumi and my personal fave, AKB48. *drool*

For what to expect, check the Girls Generation clip below…most kawaii! And as soon as I have ticket prices, they’ll be posted right here.

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