Real life Evangelion!! Kinda…

Real life Evangelion!! Kinda…

Toyota love their range of Prius cars and Neon Genesis, this was never made more evident than when they converted the former Sengokuhara Middle School, in Hakone, to look and resemble the Tokyo-3 No. 1 Middle School which is the school Shinji Ikari and his comrades attended. Apparently the Hakone area served as inspiration for the locales used in Neon Genesis Evangelion. You may be wondering what Toyota and Evangelion have in common? Well, the event was to announce that the Toyota Prius PHV (Plug In Hybrid) was the official car of NERV in the recent Evangelion 2.0 movie. Even cooler, Misato Katsuragi, serves as the spokesperson for the campaign as she outlines the various features of the car, nice 🙂 Hit the video below for a video for a look at the AR Evangelion mecha…pretty sweet.

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