Modded Final Fantasy Characters

Have a look at these modded Final Fantasy figures that are up on the Final Fantasy Mechandise website by a very talented modder by the name of Tomasz Rozejowski. Speaking of which, I’ll let him handle the finer details below, take it away Tomasz! 🙂

My name is Tomasz Rozejowski (zelu1984) and I’m 26 years old. I was born in Poland and I have been leaving in London UK for the past 9 years.

I started customizing Final Fantasy figures about 4 years ago and my first figure was Lulu from Final Fantasy X.

I saw some customs online and at that time I really wanted to have Lulu’s figure…Unfortunately Square Enix released only 3 figures in FF X set and Lulu was not one of them…


By accident, I bought FF VIII Rinoa figure that was bootlegged and it was smaller than other FF VIII characters but in scale with FF X, that’s when I decided to make my first Final Fantasy custom figure…

At this time my skills were limited and I didn’t know much about what materials to use so Lulu wasn’t very detailed and didn’t have much articulation…but still the figure looked good enough 🙂

FF VIII was my favourite Final Fantasy game and I really wanted to have the whole main cast.

I made customs figures of Quistis, Edea, Zell, Irvine, Seifer and Ultimecia ! I think the custom I like the most was Edea as it was a bit of a challenge with her costume and all but also Zell and Ulimecia .


I made Final Fantasy IX Beatrix using Garnet’s as a base

I made Penelo form FF XII and now I’m working on FFF XII Fran.

I customized some of FF characters faces and I made the missing pendants for FF XIII cast.

While working on new custom, I found out better ways and tools of doing them. I have using better clay and more professional paints. Now all of my figures have full articulation. I always try to make them look as good as I can and making sure they have all the small details and they are in the same scale as the other Square Enix figures.

Once I will finish with Fran there are plans of making other Final Fantasy customs but I’m not sure when…

FF VIII Laguna, FF IX Kuja, maybe Quina, FF X Rikku, Wakka, FF XII Bash and FF XIII Jihl are on To Do list…

So below you’ll find the pics of his collection along with some explanations of who’s who…they truly are amazing and very well detailed. I look forward to seeing more of his future work which I’ll post here and any other modders who may be reading this, please submit me your work and I’ll happily showcase them. They don’t just have to be figures either but anything you’ve modded such as pc cases, handhelds, game consoles, if you’ve modded it, I want to see it!

Thanks to Tomasz once again and a special thanks to Stephanie for showing me his work in the first place!

I’m doing this feature in two posts as it makes it easier to place the work in separate galleries 🙂 The second post with the 2nd gallery can be found here.

In the first gallery below, you find the following:

FF X Lulu
FF VIII – Edea, Quistis, Zell, Irvine, Seifer, Ultimecia, Rinoa’s weapon and Selphie’s face

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