Nendoroids For iOS

Nendoroids For iOS

Everyone know that Good Smile Company crank out absolutely lovable and desirable Nendoroid figures, anime and game characters with the inflated head and exaggerated features. Ever wondered how you’d like to have them all but tracking all of them down is so damn difficult, depending where you live, not to mention pricey? Well now there’s a way you can catch ’em all via an iphone app that Good Smile Company have developed. Called Nendoroid Planet, you’ll take part in a game called “Nendoroid Defence” through which you will gain “Nendoroid Medals.” These medals can then be used in the app at “Nendoroid Vendor” where you’ll be exchanging them for different items with hopefully a Nendoroid 3D model or two thrown in a reward for doing well. The app does have some very cutesy graphics and music, much what you’d expect from a Japanese product, and while it isn’t in English, I was able to make some progress without knowing entirely what was going on!

You can download the app here from the iTunes Store, but as mentioned earlier, unfortunately it is all in Japanese 🙁 For those of you lucky enough to be able to read Japanese, you can find out more from the official site here. In either case, it’s great to see some authentic Japanese apps being made available in the app store, now I wonder how long before they start porting some J-Pop over to the AUS store?

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