Comic-Con Update

Comic-Con Update

Comic-Con has just kicked off proceedings in San Diego with its Preview Night making Thursday the official first day of the convention. Famed Metal Gear Solid creator, Hideo Kojima, is there and via his Twitter feed has already started posting some snaps of the event. Check the gallery below.

The first snap is Kojima-San with Yoji Shinkawa, Shinkawa-San being the mechanical designer from both the Metal Gear and the Zonf of the Enders series. Next up is Hideo with a cosplayer dressed as Eva. Third are the gang from Mega64 who do parodies of games on their site and once did a hilarious Metal Gear parody guest starring Kojima-San. Fourth is the impressive mecha from Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch movie that dealt serious damage and just looked cool. And lastly we have Kojima-San with Yuji Horii, a game designer made famous by being the brains behind the Dragon Quest series amongst others.

That’s all for today, hopefully Kojima-San will keep posting the pics, I’ll keep putting the cool ones here for you and for future reference, you too can follow Hideo Kojima’s Twitter feed here.

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