JManga Site Has A Date

JManga Site Has A Date

For those of you living under a rock or not necessarily into manga, the next big thing is to bring manga to the net via a licenced website to avoid a nasty lawsuit from the various copyright holders. Well, all the red tape has finally been dealt with it would seem with the news today that JManga finally has a date for the site launch. Pencil August 17th into your calendars as the day that one, if not all, of your favourite manga will be made accessible through this great portal for lovers of this media. will aim to meet and fulfill the following features:

  1. A licenced portal for Japanese publishers to release manga content.
  2. An online site to read such titles as Naruto, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, ADEKAN, Dragon Girl, Kekkaishi and loads more!
  3. An area where the manga artists can communicate with their fans and readers of the manga they’re writing.
  4. A great source for like minded manga fans to come together and strike up new friendships and talk about the latest manga they’re reading or discovered.
  5. And lastly it’s  the official portal run by Digital Comic Association supported JManga Co., Ltd. meaning you’ll be getting quality content.

That date again is August 17th so come back to and check out the site launch then.

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