Popular Franchise Receives HD

A new announcement at Comic-Con today announcing that yet another franchise will be receiving the HD reboot treatment. We’ve already known for a while that both Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and and Metal Gear are receiving the treatment, well yesterday Capcom announced that both Code Veronica and RE4 are receiving the HD upgrade. Both games are equally deserving, none more so than RE4, for those naysayers who felt that the Gamecube and the Wii versions didn’t do it justice. RE4HD hits the States on September 20th while Code Veronica will follow up on the 27th, just a week later. Both games will be available in stores or through download for both the PSN and Xbox Live Games On Demand.

RE4 in HD?? This should be what the game should have been in the first place. Will Japandaman get this on Day One? Hmm…what do you think? 🙂

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