Final Fantasy XIII-2 Update

Eagerly awaited by rabid FF fans and serving as a direct sequel to an existing FF game, FF XIII, this game can’t come out quick enough. Square Enix recently unveiled some new footage at Comic-Con from an off screen source of the gameplay which looks absolutely gorgeous or maybe I’m just in love with that huge ass LED screen it’s being showcased on? Either way this game is looking to continue in the massive steps set forth by any other FF game when it’s released later this year. Two new vids below from Comic-Con, courtesy of GameTrailers show the battle system used in FF XIII including the Paradigm Shift ability.  This was first utilised in FF XIII and introduced a strategic element to the battle system. The second clip looks incredible with some very sweet and lush graphics being shown with the cinematics looking just as good as the gameplay. Not due for release until December ’11, the game still has time for tweaks here and there to make sure the finished product is flawless but so far, it’s a mouth salivating prospect playing this on Xmas Day 🙂

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