Silent Hill to Receive HD

And the HD hits just keep on coming…following on from reported news yesterday of Resident Evil receiving the Hi-Def treatment, today I hear of another franchise receiving some HD loving as well. And yet, another survival horror franchise, because it wasn’t scary enough in normal definition, Silent Hill will be receiving a re-release in the form of the Silent Hill Collection. Konami have announced that both Silent Hill 2 and 3 will be included in the pack but with upgraded, more in your face visuals.

As far as it goes now, it’s only confirmed as being a PS3 exclusive with no word if it’ll also be making an appearance on the Xbox 360 but producer,  Tom Hulett, had this to say to Joystiq, “It’s always been a primarily Sony platform series. So, right now we’re just aiming at a Sony exclusive, which isn’t to say [that] in the future it won’t be available anywhere else, but right now it’s a Sony exclusive.

Keep your eyes peeled for this collection coming in September for your gaming library 🙂

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