Summer Wonfes Booth Babes

Summer Wonfes Booth Babes

The Summer Wonfes or Wonder Festival came and went on the past Sunday in Japan and along with the one day convention came the booth babes. Those eager young ladies who advertise the multitude of booths from the various companies to promote their products. For those in the dark, there is a Winter and Summer Wonfes. Both conventions are a way for companies such as Max Factory and Good Smile Company to promote their upcoming season catalogue of figures. You can expect to see truckloads of figures, figmas, nendoroids and other collectibles from Hatsune Miku right through to Black Rock Shooter and the way that people enter the many booths in this highly competitive industry is with the aid of the booth babes. Have a peek at the gallery below to see the various costumes that the ladies wear to promote the product, attract the customer and generally be eye candy for the innocent passerby 🙂


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