Nintendo Helps Quake Victims

Nintendo Helps Quake Victims

Following the recent devastating earthquake and the tsunami in Northern Japan, thousands of Japanese residents have been left in the dark without any way of knowing what’s happening in the rest of their country. Without having a home and with thousands of people still in temporary shelters, Nintendo thought they’d help out and donate an undisclosed number of Nintendo DSi units with an extra special bonus gift. That gift being the DS Terebi attachment which essentially allows the DSi to watch television through the 1seg television broadcast. Now before people throw their arms up in the air and think that Nintendo could do a hell of a lot more, keep in mind that they previously donated ¥300 million which translates to over $300 million dollars…that’s a lot of spare change and will go a long way to helping Japan pick themselves up and continue the long road to rebuilding damaged homes and people’s lives.

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