Blog Update/What’s Coming Up

Blog Update/What’s Coming Up

Just another of my brief news updates which I haven’t done for a while now 🙁 But first off, I wanted to extend a big thank you to everyone who comes past here for your dose of Otaku updates and makes the site what it is. Your traffic visits means that someone is watching and reading what I write which makes it more worthwhile. The blog is doing is really well averaging about 50 – 70 hits a days which I’m happy with. It peaked earlier in the month when I posted the Mana Bar Melbourne review where the site hits went into the hundreds for a few continuous days, very exciting stuff 🙂

The nest bit of news is I wanted to start doing some articles about places I’ve seen and things I’ve experienced in Japan personally. I’ve posted pics here and there a couple of times on Facebook but haven’t had much to write about them. Having gone to Japan twice last year and being lucky enough to go Tokyo Game Show, massive highlight, I thought I’d start making the blog just a bit more personal by bringing my life experiences to you, the reader. Not sure what to call it yet but it may just be, “Place in Japan?” Just a thought, if anyone has any ideas, post them in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂 And before I go, thank you to everyone who has Liked my Japandaman Dailies page on Facebook! If you haven’t liked it yet, look at the top right hand corner on any page and you’ll see the buttons for my Facebook and Twitter pages plus an RSS feed if you float that way 🙂

Again, thank you for your time, we’ll talk soon again 🙂

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