Catherine Pushes Atlus Further

Catherine Pushes Atlus Further

Developer Atlus, responsible for unleashing the recent “Catherine” onto the world, has spoken about the experience recently through their sales and marketing VP Tim Pivnicny who announced that Catherine had given Atlus their biggest launch to date. The VP remained tight lipped as he spoke to IGN about it but did manage to slip out that, “Catherine has exceeded our highest expectations… It released last week to tremendous critical acclaim and fan response, bolstered by the release of a demo a couple weeks prior, and continues to generate discussion among fans for its mature themes, engrossing subject matter, and frantic, challenging gameplay.”

For anyone still unsure about Catherine, check the trailer below. I’ve personally played the Japanese version and it’s a different style of gameplay offering something new for gamers so you could a lot worse than this game. And PS, thanks to my Otaku homies, Otaku Fuel, for the “Catherine” hookup, much love 🙂

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