Japan News – 1st Edition

Japan News – 1st Edition

Here’s the first installment of Japan News, the freshest new section to debut on Japandaman Dailies!

First up we have the story of a 3 month old kitten that had gotten itself caught between the floor of the train and the wheels holding on for dear life 🙁 Luckily for the moggy, commuters heard the faint meowing sounds and alerted the train staff who promptly stopped at the next station between Tokyo and the Kanagawa prefecture where the feline was plucked to safety. The rescue managed to halt the usually extremely reliable train system in Japan by 25 minutes at Kamata station affecting, in the area of, 20,000 travellers.

train cat by takadashinji2


Next we have the report of a child, just shy of turning two years old, heading out to run errands for her mother? Now before everyone starts thinking this is highly irresponsible, let me add that it was for a television show. The television show in question, “Hajimete no Otsukai” or First Errand, revolves around giving children adult tasks to perform and then filming the results. The children have in the past been assisted by an older sibling but this marks the first time that a child so young was used for the show. The little girl’s name was Haru and her errand was fairly simple: go down the block, buy some tofu and come back home. Now this is not a common occurrence in Japan and the show always has adults dressed up as salarymen or pedestrians who pretend not to notice the child but are in fact placed there for their protection. And just to make it more safe, Haru has the distinction of living in one of Japan’s safest areas. Toshijima is a small island with a population of only 3000 people living an old fashioned life where everyone watches out for everyone else, children included.

toshijima by takadashinji2


Now we have a man who was stranded at sea after a wave knocked him off his boat and into the ocean. He stayed in the water for 24 hours when he was miraculously found 36 kilometres from where he had first entered the water. The only thing he had for company and kept him alive…a plastic cooler or Esky if you like, which had also been knocked off the boat by the wave. As h floated along the waves, after some time he came across a log which he then climbed on top of, while still retaining the cooler. One of the luckiest men, no?


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