Suda51’s Latest Will Be For Free

Suda51’s Latest Will Be For Free

Eponymous Japanese games designer, Suda51, has teamed up with the brains behind the Metal Gear franchise, Hideo Kojima, to bring forth a radio drama called Sdatcher. Sdatcher will be based on seminal cult classic, Snatcher, released way back in 1988 in Japan for the NEC PC-8801 and the MSX2 systems. It was revealed today that the show will be given away for nix, naught, zero, zilch…nada! Production is steamrolling ahead with clear date for release as yet but Kojima did announce, via Twitter, that he also plans to release it for free at a later date after completion as well. How they plan to make any money off this is still a mystery however Kojima also mentioned a few tidbits of info regarding the sound of the drama. Kojima is after a progressive 70’s rock fused with an 80’s electro pop sound. Not too sure how that will go down but if anyone can pull off anything that bizarre, it’ll definitely be Kojima and Suda51.

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