Madoka Magica Anime Receives Game

Madoka Magica Anime Receives Game

Madoka Magica is a very popular anime in Japan that tells the supernatural tale of a group of beings that have the ability to grant one wish to anyone they desire. Sounds so good so far, the catch? That person must then take up the mantle and become a warrior and fight the evil monsters that responsible for murder and suicide in the world. Sounds very dark and dreary, therefore making for a great video game 🙂

Namco Bandai have teamed up with Nitro Plus to produce a PSP spin off game from the anime. Apparently the game will have a dark dungeon setting offering a turn based fighting system. The game will follow the plot of the anime but will also be offering some fresh new content that is original from the anime and will have been unseen by fans.

As per usual with most game releases in Japan, there will two flavours on offer come launch. The first will be the standard edition at ¥6,480 and the obligatory, limited edition which will be shipping with an illustration collection, a figma, a handkerchief plus more unannounced bonuses. The limited edition will set you back ¥11,900. However, fans wanting to import will have a long wait on their hands as the game isn’t due for completion until March 15th 2012…still quite a few sleeps away 🙁

To tide you over though, have a trailer of the movie adaptation instead that a fan mocked up 🙂 Still pretty good…

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