New Trailer For Brave Company

Namco Bandai are on fire lately with development news left right and centre. Now I hear the CEO simulation game, Brave Company for the Nintendo 3DS, has just had its first trailer released onto the interwebs. The game follows the plot of a Demon King having been defeated on an island resulting in many peaceful years. This all changes, however, when his demons form a plan to take the island back in his absence. The player will take up the role of a CEO of a company in charge of hiring heroes to clean the island up…where do they come up with these plots?!? πŸ™‚

You’ll be interviewing the would be heroes, training them before sending them out into the wilderness to hopefully take back what belongs to the people and reclaim peace for all. The game will also follow your exploits as you earn money and start restoring your office and the surroundings. The game will be making use of the unique stereoscopic abilities of the 3DS as well as SpotPass and the camera for making your own monsters, that sounds really cool and original πŸ™‚

Enough talk, check the video below, sweet visuals to enjoy! The three actors at the end have been hired as the promotion faces of the game and are in fact a comedy group!

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