3DS Sales Surge In Japan

3DS Sales Surge In Japan

Famitsu reports today that the Nintendo 3DS has seen a spike in sales, no doubt due to the recent price drop announced for the handheld and quite possibly the release of the flame red model. ¥15, 000 is what you’ll be paying in Japan today and the customers have let Nintendo know that the price drop was very welcome by talking with their wallets. Leading Japanese consumer retailer, BIC, were reporting numbers of 30 or so people waiting patiently outside the store in the morning eager to take advantage of the new price. Within 30 minutes of the store opening, 50 people had snapped up a new 3DS for themselves. All of this without pre-orders and those magic pre-order numbers won’t be reported until later on meaning the number could be a lot higher.

The newly launched flame red colour was the most popular colour to be snapped up, gameswise, it was Pokemon Super Scramble followed closely by Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Some happy snaps below of the scenes that met the price drop.

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