Mario Kart & Mario 3DS Dated

Mario Kart & Mario 3DS Dated

Now we have some exciting 3DS from Nintendo Japan, the Kyoto powerhouse responsible for changing a plumber into a household icon. Dates for both Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land, both on the 3DS system, were announced in the last 24 hours so with a virtual drumroll…November 13 marks the day Super Mario starts embarrassing Goombas again while the newest Mario Kart drifts around corners on December 4th.

Big day for Nintendo announcements with the news of a red 3DS being released, pictured below, which hits stores on September 9th as well as StarFox 3D. Looks like the Xmas sock might have some goodies packed into it as the 3DS finally starts to receive some much needed AAA titles 🙂

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