Miyazaki Screens Movie For Tsunami

Miyazaki Screens Movie For Tsunami

Highly esteemed animation director, Hayao Miyazaki, recently held a screening of Ponyo in an area of Japan affected by the tsunami. Rikuzen-Takada was the town that received a visit and a screening from Miyazaki san and US news station, CNN, was there along to capture everything and even arrange for a short interview as well.

Speaking about the tsunami in Japan and the fact that there’s a tsunami in Ponyo as well:

“I can’t predict things, but I knew that a tsunami was coming because if you live in Japan that’s to be expected,” he said.

“We just forgot that at some point a tsunami will come. Even in the disaster stricken areas, people should have known, or even if they knew they probably felt that they were protected by the concrete around them.”

Check out the video below for more info.

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