PS Vita Gets New Games

PS Vita Gets New Games

At the Gamescom event in Germany, Sony have revealed some more info on the new games that the PS Vita will be receiving as exclusives. First up we have Resisteance: Burning Skies which looks set to continue the itchy trigger finger series on the new handheld. Placing the story in 1951 on Ellis Island, New York means the story will be taking place before the events of Resistance 2. The added bonus of the dual stick set up on the Vita means the game will pretty much play exactly the same as the PS3 console version and a nice feature that’s been worked into the gameplay is allowing your character to look around a room by moving the Vita around. Another neat option is the ability to “tag” your on screen enemies by touching the screen and then pressing the fire button taking out all the marked enemies. Demo gameplay footage below.


Next up is a game called Reality Fighters which makes use of the onboard Vita cameras to take pictures of yourself placing you in the game and then by utilising the Augmented Reality features allowing you to have fights in the real environment around you. So you can take pics of yourself and your friends and then duke it out on your coffee table, for example. Sounds like a similar game that’s available on DSiWare but the Vita has made it better and a more immersive experience. Check the footage below.


And lastly we have a unique title called Escape Plan which is a cute little platform puzzler game. In the game you can control two characters called Lil and Laarg. They each have distinct abilities such as Lil having a roll ability which will come in handy to navigate some of the levels while Laarg will be able to inflate himself letting him float through the rooms in the levels. The game is a side scrolling platformer with puzzle elements thrown in but it’s looking like a unique adventure that will make use of the Vita’s different abilities. The trailer below shows off the gameplay and introduces you to the two characters, very cutesy looking!

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