Japan Farewells The Xbox 360

Japan Farewells The Xbox 360

It’s official. The Xbox 360 has just had the plug pulled in Japan. Over the past few years, sales of Microsoft’s console have been consistently lacking and falling way behind its other two competitors. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the 360 never really took off, as it did in other territories, just check the sales chart below.

Sales (From 2005 to current)

Nintendo Wii – 11.74 million

Sony PS3 – 6.85 million

Xbox 360 – 1.52 million units

It’s only farewell for the 360 in Japan as pretty much everywhere else in the world, sales are extremely strong and will be kept afloat by strong AAA titles like Gears of War 3. Take, for example, sales of the 360 in the Americas:

Xbox 360 – 32.67 million

Sony PS3 – 20.39 million

While the difference isn’t so substantial in Europe, the 360 still holds off the PS3 by a slim margin ensuring its continued success in that part of the world. Having said all that though, Microsoft recently launched the Interactive Entertainment Business (IEB), whose sole purpose is to concentrate on the as yet not talked about replacement for the Xbox 360 so Microsoft doesn’t look like giving up entirely on the Nippon market.

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