Japan Spotlight – Game Bar A Button

Japan Spotlight – Game Bar A Button

Melbourne and Brisbane both have the Mana Bar, a video game themed bar, that serve a purpose, draw crowds and have great drinks as the drawcard. Akihabara in Japan has the Game Bar A Button which every self respecting Otaku should visit while in Japan. It is tiny and extremely crammed and you’d be lucky to fit in more than 20 people! But take a look at the pics below and admire the nostalgic memorabilia on the walls and bar counter. Famicom, Dreamcast development kits and more adorn the walls making for interesting conversations and childhood memories to come back to you. There’s years of gaming memories on the walls and heaps of pics signed by people in the industry and while you can’t play any games there, there are bar patrons playing with their PSP’s and DS’s while sipping a beer. The atmosphere is very underground making you feel almost privileged to be there, like you’re a part of something that not everyone gets to experience. I was there with a friend and ended up making friends with another patron and playing a few games with him, the people in there are extremely friendly recognising another kindred spirit.

The bar has a PSP hooked up to the sound system is kept busy pumping out tunes via the Internet Radio on the handheld specifically anime/game and J-Pop tunes, very toe tapping stuff to game to 🙂 It’s a bit tricky to find but make it worth your while if you’re in the area, it’s a great little find, hopefully the map below will assist you in getting there.

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