Review: Pwndyo Ponyo Parody T-Shirt

Review: Pwndyo Ponyo Parody T-Shirt

Pwndyo Ponyo Parody T-Shirt

Available right now from Otaku Fuel is this fantastic t shirt featuring a parody of Ponyo, Miyazaki’s classic movie. Featuring poor little Ponyo, the title fish girl character, fallen over a bucket of water with the classic “Pwnd” statement captured as a “Pwnd Yo” parody. A true Otaku will see the funny and quirky side to this screen print and snap this up today. The colours look great against the black background while standing up to repeated washes, the colours haven’t faded as yet. But with nothing but quality from Otaku Fuel, what else did you expect? Great top to wear around the mall or any Otaku convention or gathering. It’s a simple graphic on the t shirt but effective nonetheless and I’m left wondering where the other parody t shirts are, there’s a great market there.

This is a great t shirt made from lightweight cotton and the print isn’t overly thick preventing sweat spots over the chest area. Otakus will know what I mean by this 🙂

All up, a cutesy design with a colourful vibrant print, on a sturdy quality cotton build, that won’t fade straight away like some t shirts have been known to do. Snap this one up today!

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