New 3DS Models For New LovePlus

Inspired by the upcoming, New LovePlus dating simulation game, Konami will be releasing 3 new LovePlus themed 3DS models in Japan. These will be similar to the existing DSi XLs models seen in Akihabara like the pic seen below, very nice and classy looking.

The three different models will be New Manaka Deluxe, New Nene Deluxe, and New Rinko Deluxe and just in case you need to be told, these are the three different 3D ladies you can date in the game. These models won’t be able to purchased in stores or online but instead will be snapped up via a raffle. If you’re lucky enough to win a ticket, this then gives you the ability yo purchase an extremely limited 3DS LovePlus model. Anyone feeling lucky?

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