Konami Reveal Details on TGS AR Game For Vita

I earlier posted about Konami announcing four games they’ll be having for the PS Vita at Tokyo Game Show. Just came across this little nugget of information regarding one of the games that has for the most part been slipping under the radar. AR Combat Digi Q seems to be a new game where you’ll be able to control radio controlled vehicles. A couple of screen below show what looks to be a tank about to engage an enemy and another of the tank maybe traversing the environment with what looks like a counter in the top left hand corner. Maybe keeping count of how long the level has been going for? Either way it looks pretty cool and interesting, I can only hope that being an AR game, you’ll be able to literally race anywhere over the table, across the floor, in the bath, etc. The possibilities are endless! The game will also be incorporating the dual sticks of the Vita making for great control and an immersive experience. All will be revealed at TGS, maybe a trailer will be forthcoming soon, I’ll keep you posted.

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