All Games For Vita Will Be On PSN

All Games For Vita Will Be On PSN

A big collective sigh of relief around the world today for future Vita owners as Sony finally confirmed what everyone had been hoping for. All the PS Vita titles will be available for digital download via the PSN. This comes as a fresh change from the PSP Go days when only some titles were available and not every single UMD title had a digital version. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep comes to Mind as being a UMD only title and all PSP Go owners were left in the dark. The only other issue outstanding is whether both physical copy and digital copy will be available on the same day or whether PSN users will have to wait until it transfers to the online store, that will be resolved as the launch date comes closer. Sony seems to have learnt their lesson and listened to what many Go customers were griping about and changed that and for that, today, we salute you Sony 🙂

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