Vita Interface Shots Surface

Andriasang swagged themselves a whole bunch of screenshots regarding the PS Vita’s interface and how you’ll be interacting with the handheld. Check the gallery below for an early sneak peek at what you can expect when you pick yours up early next year for those of us not living in Japan. The interface is looking very neat and polished and shows off quite a bit. Namely the picture selection gallery, quite a few of the browser and how the pages are rendered which looks very nice, what looks like the video selection screen, the music player, on screen keyboard, video player and picture viewer. Everything looks really well but I couldn’t help but notice the one glaring omission that being the games selection screen. It looks like it doesn’t use the XMB as the current PSP does so it would have been really good to see this one particular screen considering that on top of everything else it does, the PS Vita is also a games handheld console at heart?


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