Ni No Kuni To Be Playable At TGS

Ni No Kuni To Be Playable At TGS

For the second year running, Ni no Kuni for the PS3 will be shown at TGS next week. The game is a collaboration between development studio Level-5 and famed Japanese animation house, Studio Ghibli. The games features absolutely lush anime style graphics and while I didn’t get a chance to experience it first hand and actually play it, I did manage to grab some footage of it which can be seen below. Visitors to the Sony Computer booth will be able to check out the latest build and select one of two levels being the “Field” version which covers the field and battle elements, while the “Mechanized City” version outlines the anime and boss battle elements. The “Field” version is supposed to serve as a beginners’ introduction so that may be a good one to play the first time around for people at the Tokyo Game Show.

Level-5’s presence at TGS will be slightly smaller due to the Level-5 World event they have planned later in the year during October.

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