Sense Of Wonder Night At TGS

One of the many things that runs at the same time as the Tokyo Game Show is the Sense of Wonder Night. Sense of Wonder takes place at the same place as TGS being the Makuhari Messe Hall. SOWN is an avenue for creators to demonstrate their games with the aid of translators which is a great way to reach out and communicate with the fans and gamers alike. This will mark the fourth year that the SOWN is being run with it being very popular and striking a chord with TGS attendees. This year the 10 indie games that will be showcased are Leedmees, Eufloria, Inside A Star-Filled Sky, I’m Gonna Be God Of The Forest, KuraKuraMaze, Spruzel, Taplib, QUBE, Solstice and Reflow.

SOWN came about by trying to bring different an unique game ideas that “catch people by surprise and give them a Sense of Wonder — a sense that something will change in their world — right at the instant of seeing or hearing the concept.” Gamasutra reports that the following developers will be presenting at the event.

Eufloria (PSN) – Rudolf Kremers
I’m Gonna Be God of the Forest – Isao
Inside a Star-filled Sky – Jason Rohrer
KuraKuraMaze – Yoshimi Kurihara
Leedmees – Orihara Nagayo
Q.U.B.E. – Daniel Da Rocha
Reflow – Frederik Maucksch and Matthias Wolff
Solstice – Jordan Hemenway
Spruzel – Sprouts Colin Northway
Taplib – Yanagihara Takayuki

Each person will take to the stage to show and present their concept and demonstrate the project at the conclusion of which they’ll have approximately ten minutes to answer questions from the audience.

SOWN will be taking place on September 16 between 17:30-20:00 in Room 201, Makuhari Messe of the International Conference Hall.


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