Watch The Nintendo & Sony Conference Live

I reported a few days back that both Nintendo and Sony are going to be holding their own pre-TGS conferences. For those unlucky not to be in attendance, you don’t need to feel like you;re missing out because Japandaman Dailies has you covered!

Nintendo are holding their 3DS themed conference on September 13 at midday, Japan time, making it 1PM Australian Eastern Standard Time. On the day of the event, you should be checking this page at the mentioned time and watch out for a uStream or a NicoNico link. Both will allow you to watch the conference live from the comfort of your house or workplace.

One day later, Sony will be holding their own conference on September 14 at 1PM Japan time, making that 2PM Australian Eastern Standard Time. The Sony conference can be accessed by visiting this page.

Just keep in mind that as they’re aimed at the Japanese market, it’ll more than likely be in Japanese and it’s highly unlikely that there will be subtitles or translations during the live broadcast. Maybe after the event, both sites will repost the video with English subtitles but this is a BIG maybe 🙁 And if you some happened to miss both links in this report, I’ve included the links below to both conference site.

Nintendo 3DS pre-TGS Conference (September 13 – 1PM AEST)

Sony pre-TGS Conference (September 14 – 2PM AEST)

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