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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Announcement For TGS

Fans have been clamouring for any tidbits of information regarding Final Fantasy XIII-2 and now it looks like the wait may nearly be over. News revealed today show that the game’s director, Motomu Toriyama, was at a Q&A fan session over the weekend in Japan and was asked if he could shed any light on the release of the game apart from the previous vague date of December. He cryptically responded with ,”It will be announced at Tokyo XXXXXX.”, who was in attendance and transcribed the event, translated the number of “X’s”, to match the Japanese word for “Game Show” which in all probability means that there will be a date at Tokyo Game Show later this week! Rumours also suggest that TGS will be the event where the identity of the mysterious man man who was involved in a confrontation with Lightning in the first trailer, may be revealed but this is just hearsay.

Toriyama added that as far as game length goes, XIII-2 is a tad shorter than XIII but there are a bunch of new elements thrown into the mix such as time travel and heaps of mini games.

Lastly, we previously knew that most characters from XIII will be making an appearance in XIII-2, and TGS will be the platform for the audience to receive an introduction to those characters.

XIII-2 is sitting at 90% complete and development has been proceeding for just over 1 1/2 years.

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