Nintendo Conference Live English Transcript

Nintendo held their pre-TGS 3DS conference today with an absolute bucketload of revelations!! There’s tons and heaps to take in so I’ll get started with a live transcript of the event from Andriasang who have documented everything that was shown and discussed. Transcript follows below.

12:59: Okay, these Gachaman spots are giving me a headache, so I’m closing the stream. I’ll also stop the live blog. Check back later around the site for updates.

12:58: There’s a buch of Monster Hunter 3G clips for some reason introduced by Gachaman.

12:55: The streams will be continuing with clips of upcoming games.

12:53: Iwata leaves the stage, and the conference closes with a trailer montage.

12:52: Iwata seems to be giving parting comments. He promises that Nintendo will work hard to make 3DS into the true success for DS.

12:52: The latest numbered Monster Hunter game is in development for 3DS, Iwata confirms after the trailer.

12:51: Holy megatons! Monster Hunter 4!

12:50: What could this be!!!??

12:50: It shows some Monhan character running away from a beast. Monster Hunter platformer?

12:49: It’s another Monster Hunter clip…

12:49: Tsujimoto leaves with one more clip…

12:48: The game will have a variety of 3DSish features, says Tsujimoto. These will be announced later.

12:48: A Saturday release, eh? Suspicious…

12:47: Monster Hunter 3G will be released on 12/10 — a Saturday. Priced ¥5,800.

12:47: Monster Hunter will be included in the 3D video clips released later.

12:45: Tsujimoto is explaining the stuff that was announced in Famitsu — G quests, the new city, new monsters, etc.

12:44: Following the Monster Hunter 3G trailer, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto takes the stage.

12:42: Yes indeed! They’re showing a trailer for Monster Hunter 3G, which was announced last week.

Will we at long last get an official look at the darn controller expansion?

12:41: Uhh.. I think this video is for Monster Hunter…

12:41: Next up, Monhan time!!!!

12:40: Nintendo will deliver 28 3D videos of the game’s shown today via 3DS. Timing will be announced at the official site.

12:40: Nintendo will release Kid Icarus Uprising animation shorts from Shaft, Studio 4C, and Production IG. These will be released worldwide through download and will be free.

12:39: Next, Kid Icarus Uprising. More time is needed for the game. It will be released next year.

12:38: Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater, due for Winter release.

12:38: That date leaked out a few days back via the game’s mobile site… looks like it was correct even though Konami removed it.

12:38: Next, New Love Plus. Date set for 12/8.

12:37: Level-5 is making many 3DS games, says Iwata. Today, he will introduce Girl’s RPG. Boooooooooooooo.

12:37: Level-5 time!

12:37: Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3, due for 11/2 (this date was announced a few weeks back).

12:37: Next, Iwata mentions Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Due for release this winter.

12:36: Tekken 3D Prime Ediiton, due this Winter.

12:36: Ace Combat 3D Cross Rumble, due this Winter.

12:36: Resident Evil Revelations, in early 2012.

12:35: Hatsune Miku is due in March 2012.

12:34: This new rhythm game based off Hatsune Miku has Nendoroid-style characters. You can make AR concerts!

12:33: Next up, Hatsune Miku Project Mirai! (Project Future)

12:31: SD Gundam G Genration 3D, due for 12/22/2011. This is the Gundam Age related game that was announced a few weeks back (I believe Level-5 is developing it)

12:31: Next up, the next Suparobo G Generation game!

12:31: It’s meant to be like a classic-style Japanese RPG. It will also have some AR features.

12:31: Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. A new RPG. Due for 2012. This has Akihiko Yoshida characters.

12:30: Next, from Square Enix…

12:29: DWS VS will offer four player combat competitive play. A release is set for 2012.

12:30: First, Tecmo Koei, Dynasty Warriors VS.

12:29: Next, 3rd party games.

12:29: Iwata also promised more series titles in the future.

12:28: The next Fire Emblem game! Due in Spring 2012. It’s all original, and will have two player co-op play.

12:28: Next, Shinrei Camera from the Fatal Frame team. This was announced a couple of weeks back.

12:27: Nintendo will be releasing the game. Omiya Soft is, of course, developing the game. It will have network support. Due in 2012.

12:27: Next, Culdcept for 3DS!

12:26: Next, Culchobit, a soccer game. This will have online support.

12:25: Next, Girl’s Mode. I believe this fashion game was announced before. This is due in 2012.

12:22: Friend Collection will appear on 3DS. You’ll now be able to become a head of household and raise kids, and such.

12:22: They’re showing something that looks like a new Friend Collection!

12:22: You can play as the village chief and build up the village. The game will also have some sort of Spot Pass features. I didn’t catch what he said, though — something about seeing your friends houses as model rooms.

12:22: Animal Crossing, also due in 2012.

12:21: Mario & Sonic at London Olympics, due on 3DS in 2012 (the Wii version arrives first later this year).

12:20: Luigi’s Mansion 2, also due in 2012.

12:20: Paper Mario, also due some time in 2012.

12:19: He’s going to discuss next year’s Mario developments. First, Mario Tennis, due in 2012. This will have a gyro play mode.

12:18: Next, Mario Kart 7.

12:18: Next, software. First, Super Mario 3D Land.

12:17: He hints that the update will have some new Spot Pass mini games.

12:17: They will have a firmware update that ads 3D video footage, a refined Nintendo e-Shop, and improved Mii Plaza.

12:17: To get more girls on 3DS, they will release a Mystic Pink version of the system on 10/20.

12:16: Wii and DS both have even splits of male and female players.

12:15: Next up, future 3DS developments.

12:14: Itadaki Street Wii on 12/1, Mario & Sonic at London Olympics on 12/8. PokePark 2 (just announced in Coro Coro Comics) coming at the end of the year.

12:14: Zelda Skyward Sword: 11/23. They’ll be bundling the gold Wiimote and a concert soundtrack CD with the game.

12:14: Taiko Drum Master Wii Ketteiban on 11/23

12:14: Go Vacation, from Namco Bandai, due on 10/20. Kirby Wii on 10/27.

12:14: But first, the year-end Wii titles. First, Dragon Quest Collection, due for 9/15. Just Dance Wii, due for 10/13.

12:13: He will be speaking about 3DS future developments.

12:12: Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata takes the stage.

12:12: They’re showing a video montage of all the upcoming 3DS games. New Love Plus is featured prominently (during the music transition).

12:10: Miyamoto leaves the stage after his Zelda presentation.

12:09: Miyamoto is explaining the various areas of the game. I’m not sure what’s new and what was previously announced.

12:06: Man… Nintendo really knows how to make good looking Wii games. (You should be watching this Zelda gameplay footage if you’re not.)

12:05: Miyamoto says the game took five years to make and had over 100 staff. He’s played it many hundreds of hours himself.

12:04: Miyamoto is explaining the swordplay fundamentals of the game.

12:04: Now, Skyward Sword…

12:04: They showed some Four Swords footage, but didn’t say when it will be released.

12:04: The Moving Memo they’re showing now was made by Nintendo’s staff. They’re currently doing judging for the contest.

12:03: He’s detailing the upcoming anniversary plans. First, the orchestra, the Moving Memo contest, etc…

12:03: Before the main topic, 3DS, he’s going to speak a bit about Zelda. He says he’s a bit shy about showing up in Zelda attire in Japan.

12:02: Shigeru Miyamoto takes the stage in full Zelda gear!

12:01: PIc of the event space:

12:00: The event kicks off with a Zelda trailer.

11:59: The live stream has started! They’re playing peaceful water level music in the background.

11:58: Also see Famitsu’s coverage here. They say there are about 600 people, and the place is pretty much full.

11:57: From 4gamer’s coverage:

They’ll usually upload pictures as the event happens so refresh their page periodically.

11:53: The event pages are live, although nothing is being shown yet.

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