Zelda Symphony Concert, Not To Be For Australia

Zelda Symphony Concert, Not To Be For Australia

Zelda fans across Australia rejoiced recently when Vooks broke news of the Zelda Symphony coming to Australia for the Zelda 25th anniversary bash. Now unfortunately, it is not the case. Nintendo Australia contact Vooks after seeing their article and set the story straight in a massively shattering blow…the Zelda Symphony WILL NOT be coming to Australia. Once again…shattered 🙁 But in lieu of that, they did announce that a CD will be released containing the music from the event so not quite the same as being there but still, it’s better than nothing.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, don’t forget we’re still getting Zelda: Four Swords on DSiWare and there’s still The Skyward Sword to look forward to.

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