Japandaman Snags Exclusive TGS Interview

Japandaman Snags Exclusive TGS Interview

I mentioned via Twitter the other day that I was working on something TGS related that I would hopefully be able to reveal in the next few days. Well that time is now so I can reveal that Japandaman Dailies has managed to score not one but two interviews while at TGS with a couple of major players in the music world, both video game and anime world.

Hiroaki Yura, the recently announced new Music Supervisor of upcoming Soul Calibur V and Hiroki Kikuta, composer and video game designer of some undeniable influential games ranging from Secret of Mana through to Seiken Densetsu 3, Soukaigi and Koudelka.

Hiroaki Yura

Hiroaki is also the Director of the Eminence Symphony Orchestra responsible for some classically beautiful scores such as The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya and the more recent Wii release, Xenoblade Chronicles.

Hiroki Kikuta

Japandaman Dailies’ Senior Art Editor, Stephanie, will be in attendance covering all four days and will be interviewing in an exclusive one on two interview which promises to be a highlight. Stay tuned to Japandaman Dailies for all your Tokyo Game Show updates!

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