Game Impressions From TGS Day One

As well as all the awesome pics that Art Editor Stephanie snapped whille at TGS, she also managed to play quite a few games. Her impressions of what she played can be found below.

Never Dead (PS3/Xbox360)

Trailer looked great. The game has power ups, different weapons and monsters. Something along the lines of he used to be a demon hunter named Bryce hundreds of years ago and it seemed he and this other chick pissed of some wizard or god/demon and she got killed. He’s alive now and is trying to protect this new girly (Arcadia) from these monsters. The game itself was fun and hectic, but the camera sucked and some of the animation was kinda on the cheap side. At one point I was torn to bits and had to roll around as a head collecting my body parts in the midst of battle, while my partner was dying and I couldn’t revive her as a head.

Theatrhythm (3DS)

omg so fun! They had a few sample musics, i played Terra’s theme in a battle field where your party runs along and you play the notes. At one point I must have racked up or perfected a set of glowing blue notes, sort of like star power in guitar hero, and my little chara became a super speedy chocobo after i went through a chocobo forest! That was FMS. Ems was event music, so fmv from the series played in the background, and you had to match the locations and styles on the screen to the touchpad. If you did well they extended the cg. I played FF9 melodies of life. By far the hardest was bms. battle music! You fight little classic FF monsters in a party of four. And its quite full on as the battle music is quite fast. I played FFXIII blinded by the light. Then practiced the battle mode on one winged angel. Like with the chocobo and extended fmv, something special happens if you chain the glowing notes. A summon!! Iifrit came and blasted the little cactuar! All the music is in its original form no remixing. its great! and very cute.

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (3DS)

OMG I got such a shock when who should appear in the game but Neku Sakuraba from The World Ends With You!!! In full 3d talking to sora about how its a game and he needs a partner!!!!!! squeal!!!! Sora’s shown up in Traverse Town with no idea how, or where Riku is. In a change of new clothes that look like kh2 valor form. The game is kinda crazy, but the levels are huge and the enemies and d-link partners resemble the noise/tattoo enemies from TWEWY, except more colourful. I died at the monkey boss though, so i dont know how the demo ends! On Sora’s side anyway haha. Riku also has a new costume and the demo starts with him running to the steps of notre dame towards Quasimodo the hunchback and Esmerelda in his arms. Quasi wants to fight too but Riku says something inspiring and mushy and the hunchback sticks behind to take care of Esmerelda. Riku;s Dlink partners were a bat monster and a unicorn hahaha. The gargoyle boss killed me but it was fun! Definitely buying a 3DS!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3)

Same as all the previous trailer/gameplay vids we’ve been seeing, nothing new there…and they moved us along quickly. But OMG those trailers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More later.

Ni no Kuni (PS3)

I checked out the ps3 Ni-No-kuni field map demo. Stunning world map in the traditions of the old RPG’s, with a gorgeous vibrant style that you expect of level 5 and ghibli! Tomorrow ill try uncharted :]

Streetfighter X Tekken (PS3/Xbox360)

Really nice looking, the characters look great and its tag team which is fun. The move sets were small but i think thats coz we were using arcade sticks. I wasnt sure before i tried it but now its a definite buy!

Dragon’s Dogma (PS3/Xbox360)

Oblivion meets monhunter, meets dragon age sort of thing. Again hectic but really fun. I fought the Griffin and managed to set in on fire with an arrow enchanted by the wizard in my party! It was really good animation and looked quite pretty. It was just hard to work out where my party was sometime.

Metal Gear Solid HD & Snake Eater (PS3/Xbox360 & 3DS)

Then I played the MGS hd and 3d reboots. They were really nicely polished, the 3ds snake eater looked great with the 3d slider all the way up! Gave the jungle/forest real depth. I had a little trouble getting used to the controls as i played the ps2 version, but the menu was nice. Also the HD metal gear for ps3 look pretty good too.

Silent Hill: Downpour (PS3/Xbox360)

Very spooky, but the demo itself was boring! They put me in an enclosed area with a very easy water wheel puzzle. and 1 enemy. Also there was a locked door that i couldn’t walk through, but my game let me chuck my only weapon through to the other side so i had to fisti-cuffs with the banshee like enemy. But I did like the shoulder button giving you a behind you view! It helps if you’re being chased! Still looks really good, and feels very silent hill!

Frontier Gate (PSP)

Konami’s answer to MonHun. Really good looking. Set in a big port town with many areas to explore! You have your main and a partner character that goes on quests with you. Once I’d taken a quest, I arrived at an area similar to monhun quest areas, but instead of attack in these areas, you enter a turn based battle arena where you and your partner enter a group of commands which results in a nice cinematic fight. Similar to FFXIII style command input.

And that wraps up Stephanie for Tokyo Game Show Day One…more pics and games tomorrow!!

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