Kingdom Hearts 3D New Screenshots (3DS)

A whole batch of new images released by for Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance for the Nintendo 3DS.





First up we have Sora and Riku together with the Hunchback of Notre Dame in a new world as well as returning worlds having new areas.

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Next we have the Dream Eaters who will be able to help you out in battles by chaining combos together. Dream Eaters are also split into two different types being “Spirit” and “Nightmare” types. The Spirit Dream Eaters will be your allies and help you out, the Nightmare types will be your enemies.

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Bold actions are something that both Sora and Riku will use in the game broken down into two systems. The first system is Free Flow Actions which will utilise walls and poles in the game environment. One example is the Kick Dive which is performed after kicking off a wall and then slamming into the ground causing damage to a foe. Turn Cutter is another one where you can swing around a pole using the Keyblade to create havoc in the environment.

Next is the Reality Shift which is activated when you see a special marker on an enemy prompting you to hit both the X and A buttons together. The gameplay will pause as Sora or Riku disappear from the top screen and reappear on the bottom screen. In this different state, you can achieve new moves such as the slingshot by Sora as seen below.

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The ever popular Traverse Town is back with two new areas and it’s also the area where you come across special guest star, Neku from The World Ends With You, another sublime Square Enix title for the Nintendo DS.

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