Monster Hunter 3G Control Scheme Explained

Monster Hunter 3G Control Scheme Explained

One of the games displayed at TGS that has a huge fan following would have to be anything from the Monster Hunter series. Monster Hunter 3G for the 3DS has had its fair share of attention as well, not just for being the first Monster Hunter on a Nintendo handheld but for incorporating the newly announced second circle pad via the add peripheral that snaps onto the side of the 3DS. One thing that people have been wondering is will you need the second circle pad to play the game or can you somehow use the stylus instead? Well, wonder no more as I have below the Monster Hunter press conference from TGS which answers, and shows, this question and more.

There will be a virtual D-pad on the touchscreen as seen in many iphone games such as Streetfighter 4 which works extremely well so it looks like not investing in the circle pad may not be essential to gameplay. I can only hope that this will be the same of other titles announcing support for it such as Snake Eater 3D or Kingdom Hearts 3D. Hopefully there’ll be news on those titles soon.

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